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From one century to the next, Sundt has always risen to the occasion, applying our skill and grit to solving complex construction challenges to build the landmarks that define our communities.


Sundt was founded in 1890 in Las Vegas, New Mexico by Mauritz Martinsen Sundt, a Norwegian carpenter who immigrated to the United States to build a better life for himself and his family. From those humble beginnings, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s largest and most diverse employee-owned general contractors. In times of growth and recession, 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsour people have held strong to the values of hard work and giving back. Above all, we are builders, and our work continues to move our industry and our country forward.


Blending in has never been our style. Sundt’s ability to evolve in an ever‑changing industry starts with our innovative approach to construction. From schools to skyscrapers, we’ve pioneered new building techniques and alternate delivery methods to meet clients’ exact needs. Projects like Launchpad 39 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas, and the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, Oregon are just a few cases where our work has shifted industry paradigms.


As a company, we’ve seen a lot. Overcoming the toughest challenges in construction doesn’t happen overnight. Our deep experience across multiple markets gives us balance and perspective. Whether building on a tight urban footprint or a remote industrial site, odds are we’ve performed similar work and can offer clients solutions that realize the vision behind their project. In everything we do, Sundt’s purpose is what sets us apart: to build environments where our clients, employee-owners and communities prosper.

Between the landmark moments, Sundt has steadily built the communities that give rise to great achievements. Some of our earliest projects were schools, hospitals and churches. We’ve built America’s dams, mines and solar power plants. When roads became rails 2024 European Cup Betting Predictionsand rails became runways, Sundt was there.

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