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Join a 100% employee-owned company that values you as its greatest resource, with the pay, training and advancement to prove it.


“I’ve been here 14 years because of the balance Sundt offers. On the one hand, we get to build major projects and solve high-level challenges. On the other, there’s still a small company feel in the right places. People know and care about each other. The company takes care of its people. And we really do get to impact the communities where we operate.”

— Chad Yount, PE, DBIA, Area Manager, Sundt Transportation Group


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Sundt offers competitive pay and amazing health and wellness benefits, including dental and vision, a retirement package with a 401(k) and generous company match, and automatic participation in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). After 1,000 hours of service, all employees (admin and craft) become ESOP-eligible and share in company profits. This provides a meaningful ownership stake in our business, future economic security, and additional income for retirement. We’re providing for our employee-owners from the beginning to the end of their career with Sundt.

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ENR Top 400 Contractors

100% Employee-Owned

Sundt is the 7th largest majority-employee-owned construction company in the nation.

$1.365 Billion

FY 2021 Revenue


Sundt solves business challenges by investing in our people. For this reason, our learning and training programs rank consistently among those of top organizations, including in the Association for Talent Development BEST top 20 and Training Magazine’s top 100.

We offer career planning, flexible training options, tuition reimbursement and support for professional certifications and accreditations. Our leaders understand the importance of learning and are committed to investing the budget, time and human resources needed to make Sundt the most skilled builder in America.

“What I love about Sundt is the people. And I love providing frontline support, training and mentoring to the project teams, helping them build effective schedules that they can use to manage their projects. There’s nothing like seeing a project from start to finish.”

— Hannah Schumacher, PSP, Scheduling Manager, Sundt Building Group



As Sundt employee-owners, we know who we are, where our company is going, and what’s important. Pride of ownership brings a distinct order and discipline to our work, and this enables us to execute at a higher level. Because we are 100% employee-owned, and have incentives to perform as both individuals and teams, we hold each other to a higher standard for our actions and results.

Together, we build successful projects because we build diverse, cohesive teams of committed people. Relationships based on trust and work built on purpose continue to set Sundt culture apart. And we love to build. If that’s the kind of company you want to work for, let’s talk.

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“Coming from design to construction, what I enjoy about my job with Sundt is interacting more with people from all sides of the project. You see their roles and their 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsneeds, and you’re in a place to set them up for success, fixing problems virtually before they become problems in the field.”

— Jerilyn Edison, Virtual Construction Engineer, Sundt Industrial Group