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Underground utilities are the backbone of the world’s infrastructure, always concealed but constantly in use.

Sundt is a builder with the capabilities and experience to install water and sewer/wastewater underground utilities across the country. Our pipe crews take pride in bringing potable water to homes and businesses in the communities we work and live in, and they take serious their responsibility to ensure the pipe installed brings everyone safe and clean water. To ensure this outcome, our pioneering use of BIM infrastructure data in tandem with automated GPS machine guidance for 2024 European Cup Score Bettingheavy equipment dramatically improves accuracy, safety and efficiencies in utility excavations.


Accelerated schedules and cost-certainty enable prosperity in critical infrastructure.

Reliable underground utilities are critical to the growth of our communities and often, offer economic development opportunities, such as with data centers, water/wastewater and roadway improvements. Sundt teams are highly skilled in self-performing this work with minimal disruption to environment, traffic and surrounding businesses and communities. Our award-winning projects, such as the Northwest Water & Wastewater Master Plan Package 3A and I-10 Connect demonstrate our commitment to ensuring prosperity.