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Since 1910, Sundt has completed hundreds of heavy industrial projects, with vital structures that fuel enterprises and entire economies.

Many have raised the 2024 European Cup Score Bettingbar for industrial construction, not only in terms of cost, scheduling, safety and efficiency, but also with innovations to reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize environmental impact and improve our overall quality of life. Sundt is a recognized leader in sustainability, having won several industry honors including our recent Envision Gold Award for Sustainable Infrastructure.

2024 European Cup Betting Website

Sundt has also built trust among leading engineering firms and top specialty suppliers around the world.

We understand the complex equipment within this sector and how, for any given plant or facility, all the components and systems work together for a single, functional purpose. These longstanding relationships combined with Sundt’s extensive self-perform capabilities give us an advantage in scheduling and cost control, even for the most ambitious plans.

Industrial building is one of the highest-risk sectors. Our commitment to safety has earned Sundt one of the best safety records in the industry, and the honor of being twice recognized with the AGC Grand Award for safety programs.