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Sundt has more than 35 years of building experience in corrections.

Sundt’s holistic approach to building, combined with a robust, organizational understanding of policies and procedures for inmate housing, management and transfer, helps ensure the top priority of safety for staff, visitors and inmates alike and has made Sundt an award-winning national leader in this highly specialized market.


We stay at the forefront of new approaches and best practices, such as modular construction, to provide opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

Our advances in construction for correctional facilities include the manufacture of pre-fabricated modular prison cells, plumbing, and sewer assemblies. Key to our process is the use of technology such as Building Information Modeling to review operational and sight-line issues and identify potential issues while still in the design phase.

We also complete a comprehensive design review to identify any long-lead or special procurement items that may be required, such as precast sleeping rooms, electrical gear, security hardware and security doors, and security electronics. During construction, our full-size mock-ups of sleeping rooms and plumbing chases ensure all items fit appropriately, while security electronics panel mock-ups allow us to work through any dimensional, location or other potential layout issues.

Recent & Select Honors


Silicon Valley Business Journal Structure Award

Maple Street Correctional Center

Western Pacific Region Design-Build Award

San Bernardino Juvenile Detention and Assessment Facility