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One of the best ways to add value in construction is to perform the work yourself.

With a large and diverse force of skilled craft 2024 European Cup Football Match Predictionsprofessionals, Sundt self-performs critical scopes of work in the construction process, including concrete work, structural steel, excavation and grading, underground utilities, drainage systems and concrete paving, just to name a few.

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By performing these scopes of work ourselves, Sundt effectively manages critical-path schedule, safety and quality control for the entire project—all advantages that create greater value for our clients. We are able to quickly identify and solve project challenges, implement changes, and reduce or eliminate subcontractor delays. Also, as employee-owners, our craft professionals take pride in their work, which leads to higher quality of construction and a better end product.


We leverage our self-perform capabilities on general building projects of all types, as well as roadways, bridges, rail, power plants, mines, treatment facilities, airfields and other infrastructure projects. Integral to this work is Sundt’s Equipment Services department which owns and maintains an extensive fleet of heavy equipment.


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