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Our civil expertise allows us to be nimble, save time and money, and address clients’ specific challenges and requirements.

Sundt offers a wide range of self-perform solutions for horizontal work on all types of projects. These include excavation, grading, and underground utility work, as well as concrete for roadways, runways, bridges and walls, among other scopes. We self-perform an average of 2 million yards of earthwork and over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete paving on roadways, airfields, and intermodal facilities each year.


Sundt’s civil personnel specialize in partnering with stakeholders and meeting tight deadlines.

Through each phase, we have the flexibility with civil scopes to provide better project control and cost certainty to owners. This can range from identifying unseen issues through BIM technologies all the way to self-performing a time-sensitive critical-path element, without having to work around third-party availability. Also, our longstanding relationships with private and public utilities give us an advantage when performing highly technical underground work, which might otherwise pose unnecessary risk or expense.