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Housing defines the college experience, impacting student success, well-being and quality of life.

Simply put, the institution that cares about quality student housing is one that cares about its students, and is looking for a “human return” on investment. As a builder who understands this dynamic, Sundt helps higher education clients maximize their budgets and space to create communities where students flourish.



We listen to our clients’ concerns while offering innovative approaches and industry best practices. 

From day one, we collaborate with designers and university personnel to make the most of school resources while meeting the complex needs of today’s students. Whether building common areas for socializing or studying, cooking and dining, or exercise and recreation, Sundt has experience with current design trends and industry best practices.

We are also familiar with the unique logistical challenges of academic schedules and occupied campuses, having completed nearly 9,000 beds in the last 10 years and over $900 million in student housing work since 2000. Our teams maintain constant communication to minimize disruptions to campus operations, and student and staff safety come first in every decision we make. Also, we stay at the forefront of new technologies and approaches, with the first LEED certified student housing project in New Mexico and the first collaborative design-build project for the CSU system in California.



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