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Sundt’s self-perform capabilities with mechanical scopes allow us to control quality across projects as well as increase productivity and prevent rework.

Our mechanical teams have the versatility to self-perform a wide array of precision mechanical equipment installations. Our craft professionals, including millwrights, are skilled with various precision tools and are trained on the latest technology, including all types of alignments.


Our crews set all types of equipment, from motor control centers and power distribution centers to gas turbines and 800,000-pound generators.

Sundt’s mechanical superintendents have set multiple Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) boiler sections and condensers, within combined and simple-cycle power plants, and we have deep experience working with boilermakers. In the mining sector, our mechanical crews set and assemble ball mills, as well as primary, secondary, jaw, and gyratory crushers. We also have experience with several types of conveyor systems, flotation cells, ethanol fuel, refineries, and water and wastewater treatment plants.