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Built on Purpose.

Sundt has provided creative solutions to the construction industry’s biggest challenges for over 130 years. Although diverse in our skillset, we are singular in our purpose: to build environments where all stakeholders can prosper. We hope you enjoy our first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report, knowing that whether you’re an employee-owner, a business partner or a member of one of the communities where we live and work, you’re an important part of the story.

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Read about our efforts to create prosperity for all stakeholders: our clients and other valued business partners, our employee-owners and their families, and the communities and environment in which we operate.


A message from our CEO


Today’s businesses have the unprecedented opportunity to go beyond simply generating profit for shareholders. Together, we can be instruments of social change. When guided by strong core values and a sense of purpose, our organizations have the power to promote diversity and inclusion, help the disadvantaged, protect the environment, strengthen our communities and more.