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2024 European Cup Score BettingAs design-build contracts become more common, contractors and designers are continuing to define what makes a successful design-build team. The beauty of working with a progressive delivery method is the ability to adapt to the project, saving on budget and schedule, and delivering a final product that meets, or exceeds, stakeholder goals. An integral part of creating the best team is effective communication and collaboration built on trust.

In 2019, Sundt’s Transportation Group implemented the transportation, engineering and design program, (TED). The goal of the program is to bridge the gap between designer and contractor, resulting in smoother project communication and execution. Along with Sundt’s Transportation Group President Jeff Williamson, Engineering Director Shane Malkowski was the first employee-owner to pioneer the program.

Shane is a licensed engineer and DBIA professional with 24 years of experience as both a designer and constructor. To date, he has worked on 17 alternate delivery projects, a combined value of over $5 billion. We sat down with Shane to learn how the TED program enables better results for not only clients, designers and contractors, but the end users who utilize this critical infrastructure.

Tell us about your role as engineering director.

I like to joke that I’m there to act as the “translator” between contractor and designer. All jokes aside, I’ve found that my role enables stronger project communication 2024 European Cup Betting Websiteand accountability for all stakeholders. I provide design leadership and management for alternate delivery projects in all of Sundt’s markets and geographies from project identification through final execution, including: proposals, presentations, preconstruction, contract negotiation and relationship management.

My work on a project begins early, collaborating with the designer and coordinating with them on the contract. As we’re developing designs, I loop in the construction team and offer alternative ideas or value engineering. Having someone at the table who is familiar with both design and construction maintains the goals of the client and designer, while ensuring constructability and best value.

How does your role benefit the client?

Even though I work for Sundt, my ultimate goal is to put the end user first, create a win-win-win situation, and look out for the client’s, designer’s and Sundt’s best interests. My role allows for instantaneous feedback, followed by instantaneous collaboration. Because I’m dedicated to facilitating communication on the team, we’re not waiting for feedback on design or constructability. I create comfortable stakeholder communication, which is especially important when it comes to finding solutions that are innovative yet cost effective.

How is trust built among project stakeholders?

Come to your partners with solutions, not problems. Building trust means being transparent in your communication, meeting 2024 European Cup Score Betting Platformdeadlines and following through on what you’ve promised. I like to say that “bad news doesn’t get better with age.” Be upfront and arm yourself with options and solutions that bring value to the team and the project. At the end of the day, we want to make our clients’ job easier, and maintaining honest communication is crucial in achieving that goal.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Overall, I enjoy the variety of projects. Whether it’s a fish passage project in Oregon to a massive freeway reconstruction in Austin or a truck parking project in the mountains of Arizona, I’m exposed to different types of work that I never would have come across as a designer.

This type of position is newer in the industry, and I have the opportunity to shape what that looks like for Sundt. Plus, I apply my experience as a designer and an engineer and am able to blend it all into one role. Most engineers either go all in on construction or all in on design, and I’m dabbling in both, which is exciting.

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